Categories & Nominations



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    Most Innovative Data Privacy Project

    Celebrating a novel use of technology/data/process to address a new or long-standing issue to deliver improved privacy compliance and understanding.


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    Data Privacy Culture Improvement Award

    A privacy culture doesn’t happen by accident—it is the result of careful planning, cooperation and hard work across an enthusiastic team. This award will recognise the organisation that has turned its data and privacy team around and built a culture of privacy from the ground up.

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    Data Privacy Programme Award

    This award recognizes a novel, ambitious or innovative privacy programme that has helped an organization to achieve improved standards of data protection and privacy, and embedding a culture of respect for data within an organization.

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    Bridging the Data Privacy and Security Gap Award

    Whether collaborating with partners in AI, information security, ethics or other teams, demonstrating great teamwork for impactful outcomes.

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    ESG Privacy Initiative

    The intersection between privacy and environment, social and governance (ESG) concerns is increasingly clear. Whether helping to reduce carbon emissions through data minimisation or supporting individuals data rights through data and privacy controls, this award will recognise the initiatives that demonstrate how data governance and privacy is an integral partundefined

    of ESG.

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    Most Impactful Data Privacy Product

    Data privacy products and services enable organizations to be more effective and efficient in meeting their legal obligations and customer expectations, and this award recognizes an outstanding privacy product or service.

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    Award for Achievement

    A stand out individual who has made significant contributions to the data and data privacy sector for more than 20 years.

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    Champion of the Year

    Data has quickly become one of the most sought-after commodities. This award goes to the person who is always looking out for the interests of the everyday individual, making sure that customer and employee data are protected while supporting trusted data use and innovation.

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    Executive of the Year

    The strategic importance of responsible data governance and use, supporting privacy rights is vital to all organisation and requires a clear commitment from senior leaders. This award will celebrate the executive-level employee that has rightly recognised and championed the importance of responsible data use and privacy protections for their organisation.

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    Rising Star  

    The future of data and privacy leadership will be shaped by the sector’s rising stars. Whether in formal education,

    employment or doing extraordinary research of their own, the winner of this category will show great promise with their technical or practical abilities. Someone with less than 10 years experience who is making a difference or starting something new in data and privacy.

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    Leading Law Firm

    Recognizing the long term and/or ground breaking achievements of a legal team helping to advance legal

    understanding of data and privacy in this fast evolving landscape whether through working with clients on innovative cases, advising on cutting edge data projects or sharing tools or resources to support the data and privacy community.

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    Leading Consultancy

    A consultancy that excels at helping their clients to transform their data and privacy strategies and operations, and helping to enable innovative uses of data while supporting data trust.

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    Leading Academic Establishment

    An academic institution, organisation or SME who is exploring the new and challenging issues in data and privacy, and is pushing the boundaries of understanding, application and compliance to mature and evolve best in class privacy policy, practice and/or leadership.

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    Data Privacy Team of The Year 

    Data and Privacy teams work tirelessly to mitigate risk, meet compliance requirements, and help their co-workers navigate an increasingly complex legal and regulatory landscape. This award will recognise the team that has

    gone over and above to help its organisation achieve improved data protection for their organisation.

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    Outstanding DPO

    Data Protection Officers play a crucial role in organizations, providing specialised, practical and independent advice, wise leadership, multi-stakeholder engagement, liaising with data subjects and helping manage risk for individuals. This award will go to the Privacy Officer who goes above and beyond to fulfil their duties.

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    Responsible AI & Data Ethics Initiative or Leadership 

    Ensuring responsible and ethical AI development and use is essential for all firms. This award recognises an organisation which has developed a unique, innovative and impactful responsible AI and Data Ethics initiative, demonstrating leadership and supporting responsible approaches to data in AI.

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    Most Innovative Recruiter

    Identifying, supporting and placing talent is essential to assisting organisations to address their data and privacy obligations and to support their data strategies. This award recognises an innovative recruiter who is leading in data and privacy talent and recruiting.